Protect Data in Images

Gorp helps you implement safeguards against leakages of protected user data that can happen when sharing images over the network (like app screenshots). It can detect protected data like names, phone numbers, email addresses, faces and more without ever sending anything over the network. Add extra areas it missed, and easily export a redacted image.

Local Detection

Gorp uses on-device machine learning to scan an image for protected data without ever sending anything over the network. No detected information is ever retained, shared or learned from. No invasive analytics libraries.

Robust Classification

Need to ensure compliance? Gorp can identify Protected Health Information (PHI), Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Want to redact all text in your images? Gorp can do that too.

Simple Box Addition

Gorp adds bounding boxes around text it sees as protected before redaction. You can easily add more areas to redact with a click or tap, or remove anything you'd like to keep exposed.

Fast Redaction

Once protected information is identified, Gorp redacts it in a flash. You can change Gorp's default settings and re-scan, or easily export your fully redacted image when ready.